We help
scale up projects

FALCONRY bridges the gap between
investors and entrepreneurs

is a leading Kazakhstan and CIS-focused Private Equity Fund

The Fund focuses on investments in leading Kazakh and CIS companies looking for further growth and consolidation opportunities. The Fund seek to acquire significant minority equity stakes in fast growing businesses, and partner with entrepreneurs who have the ambitions to take their business to the next level of development. The Fund is run by Falconry Capital which enjoys 15-years’ experience in successfully investing on the capital market.

Fund size:
$ 20 million
Fund Term:
5 years
Fund’s portfolio:
10-12 companies


We focus on relatively mature companies
with significant growth potential in the following sectors:
consumer goods and services, FMCG, HORECA,
apparel and garment industry, construction,
digital, including consumer and business internet

We invest
from $500 thousand
up to $2,5 million
per company
We acquire equity stakes
from 20%
up to 49%
Fund exits
from projects
within 5 years
(3 years investing and 2 years of exiting projects)

Creating opportunities
for growth through

We help

Solid returns
on investment.
Diverse portfolio of projects
in different industries.
Source of funding.
Optimization. Acceleration.
New high quality
products. New jobs.

How Falconry operates

We invest our own funds
and invite co-investors
We create a fund for private equity investments
We form a team of
experts and mentors
We seek scalable
We invest
in selected projects
We provide mentorship
We help scaling up
We exit from projects
with high returns

What kind of projects and companies do we seek?

  • the Companies that have a transparent business model, transparent cash flows and a clear vision of their short- and mid-term goals;
  • Companies with potential for growth;
  • Relatively mature companies (no start-ups);
  • Shareholders are prepared to help the Fund to exit the project within 3 to 5 years through IPO or through selling to a strategic partner;
  • Shareholders are prepared to sell some of
    their stake to the Fund;
  • Professional and experienced management.

Required documents for the project to be considered

    If the project has been approved

    In case the Fund decides
    to participate in the project,
    the company should be prepared to:
    To accept the Fund’s representative
    as a Board Director
    To change the company’s
    organizational structure
    (if necessary)
    To submit quarterly
    operational and financial
    statements to the Fund

    Bakht Niyazov

    From 1997 through 2003, Bakht Niyzov worked for the state system for securities market regulation and was a Board Director at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).

    In 2004, he founded the broker company Real-invest.kz. Over 4 years, the company has become one of the leading brokers on Kazakh stock market the company’s capitalization rose from $50 thousand up to $25 million. Under Niyzov’s management, Reak-invest.kz participated in market launch of shares and bonds of 10 companies, among them were Food Contract Corporation, ATFBank, Kazakhaltyn, Kazakhstan Engineering. The total amount of deals exceeds $500 million.

    Besides the stock market, Bakht Niyazov has vast experience in private equity investment.

    In 2009, he founded microfinance company Real-Credit, one of most successful micro-finance lender in Kazakhstan by profitability, and loan size.

    In 2014, he he cofounded Moscow based technology and transportation startup, which innovates at the intersection of lifestyle and logistics. Today company services nearly 90% five-star hotels in Moscow.

    In 2010, he launched investment company in DIFC, financing projects in international markets.

    In 2015, he became a co-founder of MeiraGtx, a revolutionary project in biotechnologies.

    Married, has three children.

    Bakht is an activist for sustainable development of Kazakhstan, in 2015, he founded Kazakhstan’s Council for Green Building “KazGBC”.

    Author of more than 50 publications on topic of Economics, Finance and Leadership.

    Dowd Mestoyev
    Head of construction
    development company.
    has managerial experience in in banking
    and investment industries
    of more than 18 years.
    Sergey Don
    Head of Trading
    Track record in trading exceeds 12 years.
    Under his management, Falconry capital
    was among the top-3 in terms
    of trading activities on KASE.
    Anes Kaldybayev
    Director of Asset management
    Assets under
    management $15 million. The funds
    under his management were among
    the top-3 on return
    rated by investfunds.kz
    Ruslan Akhmedov
    CFO. Head of investment
    consulting, project manager
    Investment and project
    management in manufacturing.
    Experience in managing assets
    of industrial businesses -
    exceeds 18 years.
    Rahul Maniar
    A leading institutional
    Experience in working for Feri AG,
    an investment company in Germany.
    Experience in managing hedge-funds,
    pension funds in Germany.
    Vast experience in analyzing projects
    in PE.

    A unique expertise
    by Falconry over
    15 years on the

    RIG is one of the leading independent investment groups
    in Kazakhstan, RIG has provided superior service to its clients
    since 2003 with $60 mln asset size
    and listing of equity and bonds
    on Kazakh stock exchange.
    One of Kazakhstan’s most successful
    microfinance lender
    Participation in a unique project “Ferro Alloy Resources”
    one of the largest vanadium mines in the world.
    Moscow based technology
    and transportation startup. Today company services
    nearly 90% five-star hotels in Moscow
    Participation as a co-founder in a revolutionary
    biotechnological project for gene therapy MeigaGTX (USA).
    The company delivered its successful IPO
    on the NASDAQ in 2018.
    The Construction of a housing estate featuring
    a unique concept based on “Green” technologies.
    Participation as a Co-investor in a project
    to make leather shoes in Kazakhstan
    under the brand name “SHOES REPUBLIC”.